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Global Fair and Workshop on Long-Term Observatories of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems

Held July 16-19, 2014 in Reno, NV, USA, the “Global Fair and Workshop on Long-Term Observatories of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems” laid the groundwork for a Global Network of Mountain Observatories (GNOMO). See the site website here. Learn more about workshop outcomes here. View larger map. Aim of the network: The goal of the network is to share experiences, […]

NSF funds Planning Meeting to form GNOMO

At the September 2014 Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS) annual meeting, an ad hoc committee formed to explore interest by existing member field stations in a mountain observatory network. Finding strong interest, a steering group scheduled a two day meeting to create a Global Network of Mountain Observatories, just prior to the 2015 OBFS annual meeting. […]