Working Groups – Social Variables

To get involved, contact the Coordinator for the “Social Variables” Working Group: Derek Kauneckis.

Current group members:

Derek Kauneckis, Daniel Waiswa, Didier Galop, Netra Chhetri, Ruijun Long, Manuel Peralvo, Christian Hergarten, Melissa Haeffner, Julia Klein, Mike Nelson, Willem Ferguson

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Current Projects:

Raw Meeting Notes Transcription:

1B Protocol for measuring social features
Names same as ?

list of social measures
document of minimal list of variables

eg wellbeing (level)
CBOs presence/absence
land use

Process for vetting protocol
Determine if available tools/frameworks are appropriate for GNOMO
Training and experience and validation
Best practices
fitness of foreign policies


start w/a couple sites then recruit
objectives vs. subjectives



agree on a research question
accessibility to market